Welcome to Foundation FB classroom. When you enter into our room, remember to put a smile on your face. We are happy to have you visit and be a part of our learning. This term in Foundation FB we have so many events and activities happening. We are learning to write our name correctly, identify the letters and sounds of the alphabet and recognise and write the numbers to ten. We will learn about two dimensional shapes and sequence happenings within a given day. In reading we will learn where to start reading, which direction to go and match words to print. We will use the pictures to help us read and gather meaning from the story. We will take part in our first School Sports, be introduced to our church community at our Welcoming Mass and learn about Prayer, The Good Shepherd and Holy Week. In our Integrated Unit we will learn that our classroom works best, if we take turns, share and look after equipment. We will also learn our classroom and school rules so everyone can be safe and happy. In Foundation FB we are all very different but all very special. Everyone is needed and everyone is an important link in making our classroom a happy and enjoyable place to be. Our classroom family will offer friendship towards and support for each other and to anyone who comes into our room. So you see, we are off to a busy and most productive start to our school years ahead. We have had the pleasure of meeting our Buddies who will endeavour to be a friendly face to call on for support, encouragement and direction. Together as a class we can achieve much. Mrs Brooks has a great deal of confidence in us and believes that our class can achieve great things together. So keep in touch and watch our develoopment along the way. Feel free to offer ideas and suggestions and share a laugh with us along the way! 2013 has big achievements in stall for Foundation FB.


Posted by Mrs Brooks | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on November 14, 2012

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