“Let’s Celebrate Our Book Parade and Book Week Activities Together.”


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The Book Parade Begins! on PhotoPeach

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Hello Everyone In Prep FB,

WOW! everyone put alot of effort in their costums.
What a parade we had!It was so much fun looking at everyone.

Bye for now from Tihana

Thanks for viewing our blog. It is always nice to hear from our viewers. Have a great day and thank you! Check out our next blog! We had fun measuring all sorts of things.

Hi Tihana, thanks for viewing our blog. Prep FB did do a good job dressing up and everyone in the junior school looked awesome.

Hey Prep FB,

The book parade was so much fun, I would have loved to dress up in a costume. I think I would have dressed up us a minion from ‘Despicable Me 2’

From Vicky

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