Bathing Babies Is Fun For All The Family. 2015. In Prep FB we practised how to set up ready to bath a baby and how to carefully wash, dry, powder and dress our babies. We had lots of fun and our teacher said we are going to make very good parents when we grow up.


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Bathing Babies. A job every family does. 2015 on PhotoPeach

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I liked looking at your photos. It looks like fun. My class had baby farm animals at school this week. Some of my class got to feed the baby lamb.

Dear Milly, thank you for sharing our Blog. We just noticed we had one comment waiting. We were all very excited to see someone left us a message. Wow, farm animals at school! That would have been lots of fun. You will have to write us a little story about your favourite farm animal. We can then write back to you. You can be our writing buddy. We would like that!. We will get Miss Trish to show us a picture of you! Thank you once again for viewing our Blog. Love from Mrs Brooks and Prep FB. xx

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